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The Content Club: Your solution to a successful content strategy

Increase impact and make your investment work harder with our new campaign-led content service: the Content Club.

Helen Marshall Chief Learning Officer

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From that first bleary-eyed phone check in the morning to hitting the hay at night, we’re bombarded by content. Emails, texts, adverts, billboards, pop-ups, flyers from the takeaway that knows damned well you’ve already ordered twice this week. It’s a lot to take in. Too much, in fact. Content shock is a very real thing, and it’s caused our brains to rewire themselves and reimagine what ‘good content’ actually is. At THRIVE, we think the formula for good content is simple. It has to be meaningful, it has to be useful, and it has to work the way you want it to. 


Our new service, powered by copywriters, storytellers and campaign creators, with 500 CPD accredited sustainable learning resources and wrap-around support to help you map pathways, build campaigns, fill your content gaps and define a relevant content strategy to drive meaningful, long-lasting change. 

Our Content Club eBook will show you how it works with your L&D team to transform your learners’ behaviours, based on five simple steps to a sustainable content strategy: 

Step #1: Map content to your strategy

The Content Club works with you to consider your upcoming learning initiatives, focuses or campaigns, mapping out how your existing, curated and newly off-the-shelf content aligns.

Step #2: Plan campaigns

From Climate Week to Pride Month, we use the engagement tactics at the core of our Learning & Skills Platform throughout our content to supercharge your campaign-led approach. Never run a campaign before? No sweat. We already have an annual plan mapped out and we’ll arm you with the resources, campaign assets and banners you need to drive change amongst your people.

Step #3: Guide people with pathways

The Content Club will shift your focus from topics to experiences; mapping pathways to best link your content together. In tandem with your other training, user-generated content, curated media and the events you’re running in-house, the bigger picture - and a meaningful experience for your people - both start to form.

Step #4: Keep plugging the gaps

Regular temperature checks are essential to continually improve and hit those dreamy engagement targets. If you have any content gaps or requests, the Content Club will fill them for you. We’ll also team up with the THRIVE Data Lab, our tribe of data analysts, to create a clear data plan, measure the real impact of your learning activity and recommend actions based on your learners’ behaviours. 

Step #5: Activate knowledge

Get your people liking, discussing and sharing content they found useful; using your learning platform to activate the learning and spark those meaningful conversations. The Content Club also comes with question banks and support to create quizzes based on pathways, meaning you can test your peoples’ learning, too.  


We all have individual interests and motivations. Someone heading on paternity leave may need to know the ins and outs of a policy, but they may also need some more human and practical advice about maintaining mental health and wellbeing, life hacks, gender pay gaps, functioning on no sleep and dealing with uncertainty.

We’re brave. We’re never afraid to push the boundaries. Life isn’t black and white, and neither is our content.

Get to know the Content Club here. Or, if you’re ready to try it out for yourself, book a demo today.

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