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An open letter to customers: The future of THRIVE

Don't worry, we aren't asking for more money 😂

Sean Reddington CEO

Sean Reddington

We’re actually giving you a whole new Skills Platform built within THRIVE - for free!  

Over the past few years, we’ve listened to you asking for skills platform recommendations that can solve some of those common upskilling pain points. 

We knew adding to your tech stack wasn’t the right answer. So, THRIVE being THRIVE, we decided to build our own instead. 

We researched the skills market in detail, took a fresh approach to the challenges you face  and built out the most in demand skills features directly into THRIVE with our own social-first spin on it!  

A special thanks go to Essentra, Sky, Sumo Group and all of you that helped shape this innovative  market-leading functionality. 

This new, consolidated approach to upskilling, learning and collaborative knowledge sharing, brings all  your learning needs together in a way that truly addresses the whole picture - And it’s not going to cost you a penny more to use!  

The confusion and lack of transparency in our industry is growing; never ending acronyms, astronomical additional or hidden costs and ongoing debates between analysts trying to bucket different vendors.  

It’s time to cut through the noise and mobilise the learning sector to simplify the conversation and focus on more transparency, less jargon. 

That’s why with this exciting new skills launch, we’ve decided to move away from the LXP label.  

THRIVE has evolved from its roots into something so much more and we think it’s time to say it how it is - a complete Learning & Skills Platform, fully-rounded with the tools you need to power an agile L&D function.  

This is just another example of how we’ll continue to walk-the-walk and reinvest everything back into  product innovation and our people.  

As the customer magic multiplies, we’ve seen Customer Ops grow by 300%, expanded our Customer  Support globally to provide you with 24 hours support, tripled our investment in product development and invested in talented leaders who now support the Tech team which has more than doubled in size in the past 12 months.  

For you this means better support, more success, faster development, increased innovation and critically maintaining stability - one of our key focuses this year. 

We’ve drafted some FAQs to answer any questions you might have and I’m at the end of the phone if ever you want to chat. We can’t wait to catch up with you at our customer event in June with Steven Bartlett, there are lots of surprises in store!  

See you there and may the fun continue. 🥳

Sean Reddington, CEO & Founder

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