THRIVE does Las Vegas at DevLearn

Our debut US event was one to remember

Nicole L'ecuyer US Head of Marketing

THRIVE does Las Vegas at DevLearn

Day 1

The Booth

On October 20, 2021 THRIVE arrived at DevLearn in Las Vegas, NV ready to roll (I can’t help myself with a good Vegas pun). In a room with 150+ of the world's leading suppliers of learning tools & tech, THRIVE couldn’t be missed. The moment attendees walked into the expo hall they were dazzled by the THRIVE team. The booth channeled Vegas’ energy with bold colors, bright marquee lights, and flashy video reels. 


The front of the booth called to caffeine feins with our all-day coffee bar. I mean, have you ever seen someone happier than after a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? A Great LXP and a cup of coffee might just be the perfect pair.  

The back of the booth pulled in a crowd of its own with Whack a Gator. If your company's current learning solution frustrates you - this was the ideal place to let off some steam. All day people crowded around the machine to try and beat Head of US Sales Rob Wintle’s high score of 90 and score a cute and cuddly THRIVE teddy.


Mark’s Session

Mid-day, THRIVE’s co-founder Mark Ward led a session that peaked the interest of over 50. 

intrigued learners. He described how Learners Are People, Not Users and shared tips on how to deliver more holistic learning experiences. Calling on a few key real life examples, Mark painted a bright picture of what the future of skills development looks like. Spoiler alert - it’s people at its core!  


That being said/no offense to Mark and his lovely session, there was definitely no happier hour than the Champagne Happy Hour hosted at the THRIVE booth Wednesday afternoon. After a long day of touring booths and jumping from session to session, attendees ended their day with a bit of bubbles while the team talked their ears off about an LXP like no other.



Day 2 mirrored the success of Day 1, kicking off with more coffee, conversation, and gator-whacking.  A few enthralled friends entered the expo hall eager for a quick demo or a followup chat with a THRIVE team member.


THRIVE hosted another captivating session with a special guest speaker from a true THRIVE enthusiast. Nate Rowland, from Scott Credit Union, promised to give back the L&D goosebumps and ignite the spark that lights teams up to learn everyday and share secrets to drive transformative change in your learning culture. Attendees walked away with ideas on how technology can support culture change, and innovative ways to analyze data and measure bottom line performance.


If New York City is the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas must be a close relative. All in all, we absolutely thrived at DevLearn and can’t wait to connect with some Tribers. See you next year! 

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