Tips for onboarding remotely

How to help your new starters feel like they belong.

Laura Broad Senior Learning Designer

Tips for onboarding remotely

Many things have changed recently, but the need to recruit new employees remains. So how do you make sure they have a great onboarding experience when you’re not in the same place? Here’s some tips to get started.

Get ahead of the game

  • Make sure you deliver the tech they’ll need ahead of time, and set up any software, licenses and access to VPNs/files.
  • Sort any paperwork (e.g. contracts and policies) before day one, and digitise this process where possible.
  • If your company allows, gestures like a welcome gift or personalised messages from the team or CEO are a nice touch, too.

Set expectations from the start

  • Recap their role, working hours and any times they’ll need to be available (e.g. team meetings).
  • Let them know how you’d expect to be kept updated or review their output.
  • Be extra clear on what you expect day-to-day and any tasks you set, so they don’t feel lost while they’re finding their feet.

Plan a schedule

  • Set out a good induction schedule. It’s easy for people to feel lost at home so give them a clear plan for the first day, week, month.
  • Have an easily accessible bank of online resources about the company, processes and their role.

Give them some facetime

  • Have regular video calls to check-in and review how they’re getting on.
  • Assign a buddy or mentor. It can be isolating at home and asking questions can feel intimidating for someone new, so give them a go-to person.
  • Set up calls with people from other teams so they get to know the business as a whole.

Make them feel like they belong

  • Introduce the new team member before they start as well as on the day.
  • Have regular team calls so they can get to know those they’ll be working with.
  • Encourage use of instant messenger within the team so asking questions isn’t so intimidating or formal.
  • Ask them for feedback. Their opinion and experience is important, too, and will be helpful for your next new hire.

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