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Why you should care about sustainable learning

How to overcome challenges and reap the benefits of a sustainable learning approach to employee development.

Danny Braithwaite Account Executive

Why is sustainable learning important?

What is sustainable learning?

Sustainable learning is all about building an ecosystem of learning resources that's relevant, manageable and reusable. By that, we mean you're creating content that's actually meaningful to your business and what's happening in the world that’s either timeless or kept up-to-date. 

Agility is also a crucial element of sustainable learning. The ability to be reactive to changing environments, world news and hot topics is part of what makes up the relevancy of learning. 

For example, take the pandemic. How many people had to quickly rustle together resources on remote working? And how quick were your content vendors in supporting that? 

When partnered up with the perfect delivery plan, sustainable learning helps your organisation stay agile and your teams stay interested.

What are the challenges of adopting a sustainable learning approach?

There are a few challenges associated with sustainable learning but these can easily be overcome with proper planning.

Keeping up to date with relevant topics can be tough as they pass you by in a flash. Organise your plan at the start of each quarter with any timely content you want to push out during that period. Having a great content provider helps massively.

Our Content Club has built in campaigns and pathways for every topic in the catalogue and most importantly, we’re agile. We can create useful and meaningful content quickly to react with anything going on in the world that your learners want or need to learn about and save all that important time curating content that you and your team doesn’t have.

Another big challenge L&D teams have with sustainable learning is making sure your content is easy to find. That’s why we created our new ClubHub portal. Nothing kills enthusiasm quicker than making your users trawl through irrelevant modules, so our user-centric portal makes it easier than ever for your learners to get the content they need, when they need it.

Benefits of sustainable learning

There are many benefits to sustainable learning for both your organisation and your learners.

For your organisation as a whole, sustainable learning helps create more of a learning culture across your workforce, which in turn helps employees learn new skills and progress in their careers.  

It also helps with what we like to call ‘lifelong learning’. Any form of sustainable learning should provide a lasting impact on learners and something that they will take and use in their personal and/or professional lives. As well as this, it also encourages learners to carry on learning and gain new skills.

Another key benefit is that sustainable learning gives your learners the skills and experiences they need to not only develop as people and in their careers but also provide them with the ability to create positive change. If you create positive learning experiences that allow people to make changes in the way they approach their role, then this will become a sustainable behaviour that allows them to continue to make positive changes throughout their lives.

How we use sustainable learning at THRIVE

At THRIVE we approach sustainable learning through both our Learning & Skills Platform and learning resources that make up our Content Club.

Our Content Club is made up of 500+ resources that are built in a modern and engaging way and mapped into impactful learning experiences so that you don’t have to! 

We also push the boundaries in terms of the topic areas our resources reach and we’re not afraid to tackle more sensitive subjects. Over the past 12-18 months, we’ve developed learning content in areas such as Black History Month, Pride Month, Baby Loss Awareness Week and many others that make up our 12 month campaign calendar!

Our Learning & Skills Platform is built with the learner in mind and provides them with the perfect environment to search and find learning experiences that are relevant to them. We also take it one step further with artificial intelligence, the Learning & Skills Platform can recommend learning based on the learners skills, interests and what they’ve recently accessed.

If you want to chat about how our game changing Content Club can help you adopt a sustainable approach to learning, you can book a free demo or drop me an email to chat through more!

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