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Brookson teamed up with THRIVE to digitise classroom training and transform their compliance focussed learning culture.

Brookson learning experience platform

Goodbye classroom training

Brookson is the leading compliance and services platform for freelancers and their hirers, offering accountancy, legal, tax and back office services to 40,000 customers. Brookson is a modern company with innovative technology at the heart of their service but their learning and development strategy wasn’t reflecting that. Their learning culture was heavily focused on classroom training and their legacy LMS was all about ticking compliance boxes.

Hello digital learning

Brookson wanted to move towards a more blended learning strategy and start harnessing the expert knowledge within their organisation. They required a new digital solution that could; encourage social learning, replicate the same modern user experiences we see in platforms such as Youtube and Netflix and still meet the compliance needs of a traditional LMS. THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform was the solution to push towards cultural realignment and encourage nearly 500 learners to take responsibility for their own learning and development.

New ways of working

With a new digital solution, the L&D team at Brookson decided to evolve their ways of working. The team started to think more like marketers by driving more relevant and reactive learning campaigns focussed around awareness days like Mental Health Awareness Week, Movember and Pancake Day. This has not only helped engagement rocket but encouraged employees at Brookson to share useful resources and user generated content themselves too. 

Additionally, THRIVE helped the L&D team break down lengthy, traditional compliance courses into more digestible, microlearning chunks. Making it easier for their people to search for the answers they need in the flow of work.

But classroom training hasn’t completely ended. The L&D team plan to continue their instructor-led programmes and use the broadcasting tool in THRIVE to host live learning sessions with their internal coaches.

Engagement at Brookson

Brookson’s campaign and culture-driven approach has encouraged up to a 90% engagement rate and recently saw them top the THRIVE leaderboard for the highest engagement score. Going from an LMS to Learning & Skills Platform has helped their employees engage in more self-directed learning and users now log into their learning platform without being told to, which is a complete transformation from their previous LMS. It’s safe to say THRIVE has enabled their learning culture to evolve and we can’t wait to continue sharing what inspirational learning campaigns and engagement initiatives the team at Brookson deliver next.

Andy Heckman Digital Learning Specialist at Brookson

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"It’s fresh, engaging and it doesn’t feel like a traditional learning platform. It’s so much easier to navigate and people want to go there even when they’re not being assigned training and that was the ambition from day one."

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