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The sustainable real estate business supercharges their people power with Thrive Content.
Family-founded commercial real estate business Bruntwood has spent the past 40 years transforming unloved buildings into spaces where people can work, create and thrive. Founded during a time of decimation and unemployment in the north of England, Bruntwood began with a mission to rebuild their communities by investing in the people at the centre of them.
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A strong foundation

Bruntwood is made excellent by the hard-working people who operate behind the scenes - from office staff to on-site facilities teams. With a diverse workforce made up of 1,200 people -  all with different roles and responsibilities - they needed learning content that would cater to everyone’s individual needs, while aligning with their overall priorities as a business.

Prior to launching Thrive Content, Bruntwood’s learning content was not engaging, branded, or in-line with their company ethos. It was time to shake things up with a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution that would captivate, inspire and educate everyone in their teams - no matter their responsibilities.

A new development

Thrive Content proved to be the perfect solution.

The ready-made learning resources fit Bruntwood’s needs as a business - and then some. Along with content about work-related topics and systems Bruntwood uses every day, Thrive also provided a wealth of information on subjects like DEI, Wellbeing and Sustainability. As a company whose ethos is rooted in building up their local communities in a conscious and sustainable way, this content really struck a chord with Bruntwood’s people.

For those team members whose work involves physical labour, Thrive’s content on Asbestos Accreditation, Harness and Lanyard Training, and On-Site PPE has been absolutely instrumental.

In the words of Stacey Leslie, Facilities Team Lead at Bruntwood: "if they didn't have access, they wouldn't be able to carry out their day-to-day roles."

To support their commitment to wellbeing, Bruntwood has a dedicated Wellbeing Lead in Leanne Mullen. She specialises in making sure Bruntwood a great place to work, and Thrive Content has been an invaluable part of her efforts.

During Stress Awareness Month, Leanne ran a campaign using Thrive’s pre-built Stress Management content. This was a huge success, which Leanne puts down to the fact the content was attractively packaged into one ready-made and easy-to-complete pathway made up of several courses.

"We found that colleagues are much more likely to do several courses when it's packaged up in this way... it's been really successful."


1,200 users


80% - an all-time high for Bruntwood

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Estimated 2,000 views since launch

Renovating the onboarding process from the ground up

Bruntwood understands the importance of investing in their managers, and Thrive Content helps them reach their full potential - while doing the same for their teams.

From onboarding to quarterly performance reviews, Thrive Content has been a fixture of Stacey’s people management process ever since it was launched at Bruntwood. New starters are introduced to the content library, where they can access both mandatory and optional resources to make their onboarding process interesting. Existing team members are supported throughout their careers, and performance reviews are enhanced with modules like “What makes your objectives manageable and meaningful?” to move beyond a box-tick exercise.

Building a learning content strategy that works

You only need to look at the results to see how effective Thrive Content has been for Bruntwood, with optional training remaining consistently higher than mandatory.

The diverse range of formats used throughout Thrive Content have kept the Bruntwood teams engaged and motivated, capturing their attention with short PDF’s, animations and videos that make an impact on every type of learner.

Plus, Bruntwood’s quarterly meeting with their dedicated Customer Success Manager Yiping ensures that they’re always getting the absolute most out of the wrap-around service.

Stacey Leslie

Facilities Team Lead at Bruntwood

"I've only been a people manager for the last six months. I wouldn’t be in the position that I am or have the confidence that I do if it wasn’t for the courses that allowed me to develop my management skills. I genuinely don’t think I would be as far on as I am if it wasn’t for Thrive Content.”

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