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Nando’s used the Content Club to engage their learners, including 14,000 Gen Zers, through lockdown and beyond.

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An approach for all tastes

Whether you’re the Lemon & Herb type, or Extra Hot, a trip to one of Nando’s 900+ restaurants worldwide packs a mouthwatering punch for every taste. As the breadth of choice and the depth of flavour paved the way for the household name Nando’s has become today, the chicken aficionados needed learning content that was as irresistible as their Peri-Peri Sauce; catering to almost 34,000 employees around the globe, including 14,000 Gen Zers.

Engaging the TikTok generation

When we caught up with Dean Capehorn, Learning Technologies Manager at Nando’s, we got right down to the bones of what it takes to produce learning content that captures, keeps and rewards Gen Zers’ attention. Born in the 90s and raised in the 2000s, they account for more than 20% of working adults, and they’re the first generation raised entirely in the digital age. They’re independent, ambitious, values-driven and social media savvy - and if TikTok’s meteoric rise wasn’t proof enough, you might only get a matter of seconds to grab their gaze before they scroll on by.

What can L&D learn from TikTok?

Bite-sized content is key. Gen Zers are hungry for formats and timescales they’re familiar with, like short, sharp videos and audio clips. ‘How to’ videos receive huge engagement on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn, from all ages. So, self-reflect. Does that module need to be 45 minutes long? Does that test at the end do anything to reinforce your people’s learning? Or could it be delivered in a punchier, more memorable, sub-10-minute burst? Gen Zers want succinct, authentic, creative storytelling - using words and a tone of voice that resonates with them. They want topics that push boundaries and react to the world around us; striking a chord with them as humans, not just employees. Content doesn’t always have to be branded either. The raw, in-the-moment appeal of content like Instagram stories has shown us that. So, focus your time on making it unique, accessible, actionable and shareable, with engaging comms plans to promote new resources.

How does THRIVE’s content reflect this way of learning?

We employ copywriters, not just instructional designers; storytellers that change attitudes, making sure your learners retain information and, importantly, come back for more. We have 700 resources and growing, across a wide range of media types, delivered for impact through 80+ prebuilt learning pathways and mapped out campaign plans. Signalling directs learners’ attention to key concepts, and we’ve kept each resource under 10 minutes long to create a sustainable, flexible, self-driven learning experience for your people.

How do Nando’s use THRIVE’s content?

THRIVE’s Content Club content plays a huge role in keeping employees engaged at Nando’s, particularly over lockdown when topics like Mental Health, Wellbeing and Equality & Diversity became even more important. Our bundles on food safety have also proved very useful, with titles including ‘personal hygiene when handling food’, ‘keeping food areas hygienic’, ‘responding to an allergic reaction’ and content covering Natasha’s Law receiving plenty of engagement since restaurants re-opened. Thanks to the learning pathways we built with Nando’s, the content remains insightful, relevant and easy to consume for their learners; complementing the user-generated content from their ‘Bring Your Outside In’ initiative that lands so well with the creative, ambitious, connected TikTok generation.

Dean Capehorn Learning Technologies Manager at Nando's

Nandos Microlearning

"In the past, we often went with a one-size-fits-all approach with our content, but now, Gen-Z is a big part of our workforce, and if we’re not adapting, we’re pushing learning for learning’s sake. THRIVE gives us the broadness of content we need and makes sure it’s always relevant and memorable to each individual learner."

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