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Vanquis Bank

Microlearning helped Vanquis Bank increase engagement with optional elearning by 460%.

Vanquis Bank microlearning catalogue

Encouraging a self-led learning culture

With 1.7 million customers and more than 1,800 employees across the UK, Vanquis bank helps people excluded by mainstream banks take control of their financial situation. Historically they had no real resources or technology in place to encourage their people to upskill at their own pace. They needed to provide their learners with an engaging suite of elearning content that grabbed their attention and was digestible in the flow of work.

THRIVE's Content Club catalogue ticked all the boxes

Taking action, Vanquis Bank implemented THRIVE’s Content Club catalogue for their bite-size, unique and straight to the point modules. With each resource having its own unique design and format, Vanquis knew it was the right solution to engage their learners, drive self-led learning forward and modernise their content offering.

Ease of accessibility was key for Vanquis Bank. The elearning needed to be multi-device so learners could engage with it anywhere and at any time as well as easy to upload to their learning management system. 

Vanquis Bank's favourite module

Microlearning catalogue modules

One of the things Vanquis Bank loved about THRIVE’s Content Club catalogue is the variety of unconventional topics it covers. The hot topics microlearning bundle contains a range of relevant modules including breast cancer awareness, how to stop the spread of germs and laws about drink driving. They launched the drink driving microlearning module during Christmas party season to encourage awareness around wellbeing and self care. It turned out to be one of their most popular modules to date.

Results and impact at Vanquis Bank

460% increase in engagement with optional learning content


How Vanquis embedded microlearning into their learning culture

Since launching THRIVE’s Content Club catalogue, Vanquis Bank has seen a huge 460% increase in engagement with optional learning content. It’s played a big role in encouraging a company-wide opt-in learning culture. 

Upon launch, the L&D team at Vanquis Bank spent time integrating their new content into their existing training programmes. Firstly, identifying which microlearning modules would add value to their blended learning programmes, then creating learning pathways that users could either do in their own time or as pre and post-work for classroom training. 

Vanquis Bank then encouraged regular peer-to-peer discussions across their organisation. This enabled learners to discuss the content whilst building excitement and connection around the new resources. 

Lastly, they went big on internal marketing. They used their existing tools and technology such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer and their intranet to signpost exactly what was available. Then they leveraged celebration days and awareness events to push different microlearning modules that were timely and relevant.

For example, they promoted a range of useful mental health and wellbeing resources from the catalogue around Mental Health Awareness Week to complement their company initiatives and support their employees.

Michael Brown L&D Manager at Vanquis Bank


"THRIVE is really good for us because it’s short, sharp, engaging and to the point. It’s visually appealing and well designed, clearly made with the learner in mind. THRIVE has brought our learning into the 21st century. "

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