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Communicate with your employees wherever they're working and create a community of collaboration that connects your entire organisation.

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Connected teams are happy teams

  • Help your teams meet like-minded people and follow mentors
  • Discover new experts with each user's own unique profile
  • Encourage collaboration and working together
  • Make announcements and updates
  • Use intuitive social interactions like reactions, likes and comments

Connect with everyone, even if they’re remote

  • Create broadcasts, articles, files, videos and more
  • Make comms relevant to audiences and teams
  • Integrate THRIVE with Slack, Teams and much more
  • Notify all learners via email and through THRIVE
  • Share user generated content and engage in discussions

Everything you need to stay connected

All the LXP features you need to make your community thrive


User generated content

Share announcements, updates and important comms using user generated content creation tools.


Social interaction

Like, share, pin and comment on every content piece.



Stream live broadcasts to your entire organisation.


Follow and build connections

Follow experts, mentor newbies and discuss learning with social interactions.


Microsoft Teams

Share content straight to groups in Microsoft Teams.


Dynamic audiences

Dynamically segment data and push content to relevant audiences.


User profiles

Discover new experts with each user's own profile.



Integrate THRIVE with your existing technology; Slack, Teams, your HR system and much more.



Notify users via email and in THRIVE.

Nurture your internal community

Think of a learning management system combined with a social platform, content management system and company intranet. A thriving hub of activity, your learning experience platform will be the go-to destination for useful content, news and information.

Say hello to broadcasts

A powerful way to connect and communicate with your teams in real-time. Interact with your entire organisation or specific audiences with features including live chat, Q&A’s and interactive polls.

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Kristina Tsiriotakis Global L&D Director at DECIEM


"We were looking for something that was innovative, collaborative and fun. THRIVE is an amazing space for everyone to get involved and it’s just an addictive experience from the minute you use it."

5 stars

Meet modern expectations with the Content Club's resources


Communication is an essential skill. But people don't always get it right. This topic covers the verbal and non-verbal communication skills your teams need to communicate well and overcome any barriers to communication.

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Coaching and learning from peers

We are all about eliminating knowledge silos here at THRIVE, and our Coaching & Learning From Peers topic will help you unlock your most valuable learning assets : your people.

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