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Our pathways; leadership, working together, working in a hybrid world, and many more

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Pathway Title Description
Customer service Whether you work directly with customers or not, Customer Service is a vital part of any business. Take some time to consider the skills and impact that doing it well can do for your customers, your business, and you.
Emotions and empathy at work It's hard not to get too emotional at times, especially if something has made you upset or angry. Use these resources to get a better handle on dealing with emotions and being empathetic at work.
Cultural awareness The beauty of our digital world is how we connect with people in different locations and who are part of different cultures. Understanding how to respect and honour those cultures in the workplace is essential to creating an inclusive environment.
Equity and equality Covering equity, equality, discrimination, gender and harassment, race, and neurodiversity, this pathway introduces you to some fundamental principles to help drive positive change both at work and beyond. Dip in and out of things that interest you, or take the time to work through the whole pathway - either way you'll end up with key actions you can apply in your role.
Building a digital culture Building a digital culture takes time. The resources here provide an overview for some of the ideas or skills needed to help individuals succeed in a digital world.
Creating content If creating content is soon to be part of your job, or if you're looking for some top tips and guides then this pathway is for you. It contains a range of 'how to' guides on creating content, as well as some introductory materials for those who are new to UGC.
Telling and selling your story Communicating with purpose and being able to hook people in to what you're saying is a skill. The resources included here allow you to explore how to improve your communication skills, create better presentations and gain more confidence in the process.
Coaching When coaching is done properly it not only benefits individuals but an organisation as a whole. Creating a coaching culture requires focus, time and buy-in from key stakeholders and individuals across your organisation.
Curious about empathy? Can you understand and share the feelings of another person easily? In the workplace empathy is hugely important to help build strong teams, and be an authentic leader. Empathy is a skill that takes practice, so why don't you spend a bit of time going over some of the good stuff here to help you keep it front of mind. These resources explore empathy, emotional intelligence and building authentic relationships and also ask you to reflect on your own stories, too.
Authenticity Being an authentic leader starts with you. Use these resources to think about the basics when it comes to building relationships and take a moment to reflect on how you can be bold and brave in your work.
Healthy you, healthy mind Looking after yourself is a priority. After all, if you are running on half empty you can't help others as effectively. Make your own mental health a priority using some of these resources.
Engagement and buy-in To ensure you get the most out of your team your need their buy-in, and to engage them. This pathway looks at what employee engagement is, how you can be more assertive as an individual and how you can gain buy-in for your ideas more generally. It offers some skills-based resources, as well as more general advice around how to increase engagement in a team.
Fire safety and first aid In this pathway a module on fire safety is teamed up with some practical first aid tips and resources, so you'll know what to do in case of an emergency.
Corporate social responsibility Being socially accountable is more important than ever. There are steps we can take as both individuals and businesses to ensure we are conscious in our actions and decisions. Covering CSR, sustainability, biodiversity, and ESG, this pathway will provide you with the information you need to begin making well informed decisions.
Biodiversity Biodiversity is not just an environmental issue. The way you behave whilst at work and the decisions you might make in your job can impact the environments in which you function.
New line manager essentials If you're new to a line management role you'll probably have lots of questions. This pathway provides some resources to help you hone your skills.
Coaching When coaching is done properly it not only benefits individuals but an organisation as a whole. Creating a coaching culture requires focus, time and buy-in from key stakeholders and individuals across your organisation.
Leadership Being a leader in the modern workplace can be a huge challenge, but the best leaders can also make a huge impact on the success and wellbeing of their teams.
Health & safety overview This handy pathway works as a fantastic ready to go bundle as part of your onboarding and new employee inductions.
Organisational skills If you're more organised in the workplace you'll feel more focused and able to achieve better results. The resources here allow you to explore how to focus, find more time and increase productivity, as well as offering line managers the chance to improve their organisational skills.
Working together Working well together is central to performing well at work, and this means being a good communicator and team player. This pathway focuses on increasing your awareness of communication styles, as well as providing you with some top tips for how to build rapport, gain respect and deal with conflict. it also examines how to work better in a hybrid world. Ultimately you will be asked to think about how you communicate in order to work better with others.
Champion wellbeing Why is wellbeing important? Wellbeing is essential to our health and happiness. Having a strong sense of wellbeing can help us achieve goals and overcome obstacles in our life.
Curiosity and the science of learning Curiosity is one of the fundamental ingredients of learning. Without being curious we would be unable to learn new things. The resources here uncover what it means to be curious, and dig into the science of learning.
Find your balance We are constantly working to find a balance between all our competing demands - whether that's work, family, friends, keeping fit and eating healthily. It can often seem like a battle. Use these resources to help you get more balance, relax and generally feel more positive.
Optimising flow How we think, feel and act contributes to how we respond to situations in our working worlds. Use this short pathway as a way to re-focus on these three areas and optimise your flow at work.
Put the customer on the team Making your customers feel part of your team not only builds trust but encourages great collaboration. This pathway can be used to help you identify how to go about enhancing trust, and underpins why communication is so important. There is also a topic available specific to sales teams.
The pathway to improvement Self-improvement is the basis of any great company culture, but it's not always easy to know what to do or how to do it. This pathway offers a range of approaches, from content to peak curiosity and resources which encourage you to flex your thinking and be more self-aware, to practical coaching content. All in all, the aim of this pathway is to help you improve, whatever that looks like to you.
Getting the best from digital People have different experiences of digital. This pathway provides an overview of what digital might mean in a workplace, as well as an explanation of important digital concepts such as copyright or creative commons. This pathway also includes some Microsoft tips for those who need extra support, as well some 'how to' guides on creating content.
Power up Have you felt yourself in need of a boost recently? This pathway is for you. It's all about power, assertion, confidence and productivity.
Working in a hybrid world The world has changed and the way we work has with it. How we communicate and interact with people in a hybrid world has shifted, as the boundaries between our work and home lives has blurred. In this pathway you can explore how to deal with change, protect yourself from burnout and consider what agile working might look like to you.
The art of communication Effective communication is key to so many of our roles. Use this pathway to refresh your memory or scrub up on your skills.
Creating content If creating content is soon to be part of your job, or if you're looking for some top tips and guides then this pathway is for you. It contains a range of 'how to' guides on creating content, as well as some introductory materials for those who are new to UGC.
Top Teams Top teams work well together and acheive more. This pathway focuses on four areas: motivation, innovation, teamwork and collaboration, as the key areas underpinning top teams.
Stretch (how you grow) To stretch yourself you have to change the way you think, and approach situations, but also consider how you look after your mind to get the best from yourself. This pathway focuses on how to flex your thinking, problem solve and take care of your mental wellbeing.
Driving safely There are strict laws in place to keep us all safe on our roads. This pathway takes a closer look at speeding, road hazards and what to do in the event of an accident.
Driving at work If you drive for work, you have to consider more than just the laws of the road. Are you fit enough to work? Do you know how to check your vehicle? This pathway answers these questions and more.
Communicating with ease Communication skills require consistent work and develop over time. Getting the basics right can help you to build your skills and hold better conversations. The resources in this pathway cover everything from communication styles, to holding tricky conversations and building rapport.
Line management toolkit Line management requires a range of skills and qualities. Use this pathway to reflect and develop on the essential assets of a line manager.
Prioritising health and safety Health and safety regulations are in place to protect the welfare of everyone in the workplace. This pathway takes a look at what you need to know.
Men's mental health 1 in 8 men suffer from mental health problems. This pathway gives advice to those who may be struggling and guidance on how to approach someone you are concerned about.
Safeguarding Learn how to protect vulnerable adults and children at work and in your community with this pathway on safeguarding, which takes you though spotting the signs of abuse, specialist topics like modern slavery and how to report a safeguarding concern.
Project management This practical pathway gives you the basics of project management, when and how to utilise methods like Lean Six Sigma, as well as templates and guides you can use to scope your future projects.
Dealing with change Change comes in many forms and can have an impact on our wellbeing. Use this pathway to understand how you can deal with change better.
Female empowerment Empowering the females you work with is proven to not only increase the wellbeing of your teams, but increases profitability too. The resources here will help you to recognise how you can empower the women you work with, and help in the path towards a more equitable workforce.
Cyber security The protection of your data relies on excellent cyber security practices. This pathway covers all you need to know about keeping your information and devices safe.
Workplace 101 Whether you're new to the workforce or need a refresher after time away from the office, here's where to find the essential survival skills you'll need, from handling remote presentations to building professional relationships.
Becoming a parent Everything you need to prepare for your first time as a parent, including pregnancy resources, where to find support and insights from parents on what it's really like looking after a baby.
Allyship We'd all like to be better allies to those who face discrimination. This pathway covers what makes a great ally, as well as digging into microaggressions, how to call out harmful behaviour at work and some useful terms and definitions.
Psychological safety Building psychological safety for your team is an important part of line managing. The resources in this pathway will help you to think about how you create safe spaces for people to admit when things don't go right, and provide the opportunity to think about how you build and maintain those relationships.
Employee engagement Employee engagement is all about the connection people feel towards their work, teams, and organisation as a whole. The resources here will help you to understand more about how to increase employee engagement and check-in with your colleagues and teams.
Dying matters Talking about death can often make us feel uncomfortable, but it's an inevitable part of life. Being open and honest about how you feel and the arrangements you have in place can help you both at home and at work. The resources here will help you to navigate those conversations.
Avoiding microaggressions Microaggressions are experienced by people on a daily basis, but they can be avoided. Use the resources here to recognise and navigate the situations in which microaggressions occur.
TikTok content If you're new to exploring TikTok there are a few videos you can use on your platform to help bolster your content strategy. Use any of the resources here on your own platform.
Google Workspace tips If you're new to using the suite of apps Google has to offer, or if you're just looking for some tips to improve your experience, then these resources are for you.
Insurance 101 If you're new to the insurance sector, these resources will introduce you to some key insurance principles.
Difficult conversations Holding difficult conversations with people is hard and can take practice to get right. The resources here will help you to know what to expect, build your confidence and allow you to improve the relationships you have with your colleagues.

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