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Skills for Work and Life

Managing stress (E-Learning)

Productivity (E-Learning)

Negotiating (E-Learning)

Dealing with uncertainty (E-Learning)

Dealing with change (E-Learning)

Learning to learn (E-Learning)

Curiosity (E-Learning)

Flex your thinking (Animation)

Self awareness (Booklet)

The art of persuasion (Infographic)

Risk taking (Podcast)

Trusting your judgement (Booklet)

Resilience (E-Learning)

Learning to learn teaser (Animation)

Learning Hacks - Check your mindset (Booklet)


Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing (E-Learning)

Understanding GDPR (E-Learning)

Treating customers fairly (E-Learning)

Money laundering (E-Learning)

Competition law (E-Learning)

Information security (E-Learning)

What is corporate governance? (E-Learning)

Bribery and corruption (E-Learning)



What is insurance? (E-Learning)

The insurance process (E-Learning)

Types of insurance (E-Learning)

Insurance Distribution Directive (E-Learning)

SMCR (E-Learning)

The claims process (E-Learning)

The regulatory landscape (E-Learning)

Understanding customer needs (E-Learning)



Beat the heat (Animation)

Is our personal data safe? (Animation)

Car free day (Animation)

Breast cancer awareness (Animation)

The morning after (Infographic)

Be kind online (Animation)

#sleevesneeze (Animation)

How to: Stop the spread (Infographic)

Working from home checklist (Booklet)

Managing teams at home (Animation)

Leading through Covid-19 (Booklet)

Continuing the kindness (Animation)

Working safely through Covid-19 (Booklet)

Movember (Animation)

Men's health awareness (Infographic)

Remember kindness (Animation)

Setting achievable goals (Animation)

International Women's Day (Animation)

What is Pride? (Animation)

LGBTQ+ definitions (Infographic)

Gender pronouns (Booklet)

How to be an LGBTQ+ ally (Infographic)

Pride month reading list (Infographic)

Helping in the face of Humanitarian crisis (Animation)

The statistics (Infographic)

Baby loss as a parent (Animation)

Supporting parents (Animation)

Baby loss awareness (Animation)

Baby Loss podcast with Ross, Daddy to angel Norah Faith Coniam and founder of Nine4Norah and Dads & Lads network (Podcast)

Quick fire learning facts (Infographic)

What's going on in your brain when you learn? (Animation)

The science of learning (Booklet)

Setting Smart Goals Worksheets (Booklet)

Veganuary Poster (Booklet)

What to do if you've been spiked (Infographic)

Alcohol Awareness (Infographic)

Christmas Quiz (E-Learning)

Screening saves lives (Infographic)

Alcohol awareness quiz (E-Learning)

Staying Safe Online (Infographic)

How loud is too loud? (Infographic)

World Wildlife Day 22 Poster (Infographic)

How can you help? (Booklet)

We stand with Ukraine (Instagram post) (Booklet)

How can you help (Ukraine) (Animation)

World Book Day (Infographic)

Where will your imagination take you? (Infographic)

Menopause is a big deal (Booklet)

It's ok to feel scared (Booklet)

How to create an up-cycled Easter bonnet (Animation)

Decorate your own bunny ears (Infographic)

Assets for Mental Health Awareness Week (Poster)

Eggcellent! Colouring sheet (Booklet)


Mental Health

Supporting someone who's struggling (E-Learning)

Why mental health matters (Animation)

Spotlight on mental health issues (Slide Deck)

Talking about your mental health (E-Learning)

Mental health: Where to get help (Booklet)

Self-care booklet (Booklet)

Dealing with stress at work (Booklet)

Positive self-talk (Animation)

Stigma and mental health (E-Learning)

Saying the right thing (Animation)

Guided breathing exercise (Animation)

Building better mental health (E-Learning)

Seasonal affective disorder (Booklet)

Introduction to mental health (E-Learning)

Six steps to start talking about how we feel (Booklet)

Avoiding toxic expressions (Infographic)

It's good to talk (Animation)

What is toxic positivity? (Animation)

Put your oxygen mask on first (Animation)

Tackling toxic positivity (E-Learning)

Children's Star Breathing Animation (Animation)

Cloud Counting (Animation)


Equality & Diversity

What is equality and diversity (E-Learning)

Equality law basics (E-Learning)

Direct and indirect discrimination (E-Learning)

Bullying and harassment (E-Learning)

Gender pay gap (Infographic)

Ways to make your workplace more gender equal (Infographic)

Negative politeness (Animation)

Black lives matter (Animation)

Privilege (Animation)

Anti-racism (Booklet)

Equity vs equality: Quick takeaways (Infographic)

Equity vs equality: What's the difference? (E-Learning)

Bullying and harassment flowchart (E-Learning)

Sexual harassment (E-Learning)

Achieving equality and diversity (E-Learning)

Unconscious bias (E-Learning)

Gender identity (E-Learning)

Gender equality (E-Learning)

Introduction to neurodiversity (E-Learning)

Teaser - Introduction to neurodiversity - animation (Animation)


Health & Safety

A health and safety state of mind (E-Learning)

Fire safety (E-Learning)

Slips, trips, falls and ladders (E-Learning)

Manual handling (E-Learning)

First aid emergency response (E-Learning)

First aid minor injuries (E-Learning)

Working when seated (E-Learning)

Slips, trips and falls (E-Learning)

Working at height (E-Learning)

COSHH basics (E-Learning)

Personal protection equipment (E-Learning)

Fire warden training (Infographic)

Near miss reporting (E-Learning)

HAVs awareness (Animation)

Noise (Animation)

Fitness for work (Booklet)

Site security awareness - Visitor process (Animation)

Site security awareness - Lock up (Animation)

Site security awareness - Know your stuff (Animation)

Site security awareness - Authorised access only (Animation)

Site security awareness - Access cards and ID (Animation)

Lone working (Booklet)

Asbestos awareness (Booklet)

Asbestos emergency procedure: Quick guide (Booklet)

Health & Safety Question Bank (Question Bank)


Workplace 101

Creating a presentation (E-Learning)

Delivering a presentation (E-Learning)

Mastering Microsoft Word (Booklet)

Mastering Microsoft Outlook (Booklet)

Mastering Microsoft Excel (Booklet)

Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint (Booklet)

Hybrid Teams for Employees (Booklet)

Hybrid Teams for Managers (Booklet)

Flexible working: Common pitfalls and how to avoid them (Booklet)

Remote presentation skills (E-Learning)

How to engage a remote audience (Booklet)


Thinking Skills

Flexible thinking (E-Learning)

Making good decisions (E-Learning)

Critical thinking (E-Learning)

Creativity (E-Learning)

Problem solving (E-Learning)


Digital Skills

Creating a digital culture (E-Learning)

Better browsing (E-Learning)

Digital research (E-Learning)

Copyright (E-Learning)

Using email effectively (E-Learning)

Working collaboratively online (E-Learning)

Instant messaging (E-Learning)

Creative commons (Infographic)

Fake news and fact checking (Infographic)

Social media in the workplace (E-Learning)



Decision making for managers (E-Learning)

Effective meetings (E-Learning)

Hiring effectively (E-Learning)

Project management (E-Learning)

Organisation skills (E-Learning)

A management mindset (E-Learning)

Managing your team (E-Learning)

Respect in the workplace (E-Learning)

Looking after your team (E-Learning)

Neurodiversity for managers (E-Learning)

Introduction to performance management (E-Learning)

Steps to identify development opportunities for your team (Booklet)

Personal development plan (Slide Deck)

Approaching difficult conversations (Booklet)

Managing difficult conversations (Booklet)


Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon and the climate (E-Learning)

Business ethics (E-Learning)

What is corporate social responsibility (E-Learning)

Sustainability (E-Learning)

Charity and volunteering (E-Learning)

ESG Essentials (Booklet)

ESG and you (Animation)

What are ESG ratings? (Animation)

ESG Jargon Busting (Infographic)


Working Together

Brainstorming (Booklet)

Teamwork (E-Learning)

Conflict (E-Learning)

Respect at work (Animation)

Giving and receiving feedback (E-Learning)


Customer Service

Customer service essentials (E-Learning)

Brand awareness and other interesting elements (E-Learning)

Dealing with emotions (E-Learning)

Dealing with complaints (E-Learning)

Politeness in customer service (Animation)

Trust in customer service (E-Learning)

Emotional bank account (Animation)

Handling difficult customers (Infographic)

How to turn customers into advocates (Booklet)

Handling aggressive customers (Booklet)

Serving disabled customers (Animation)

Dealing with questions (Animation)

What to say to an angry customer (Booklet)


Providing feedback to candidates (Booklet)


Traits of effective leaders (E-Learning)

Creating a trust culture (E-Learning)

Motivating your team (E-Learning)

Driving innovation (E-Learning)

Performance reviews (E-Learning)

Mentoring others (E-Learning)

Inspiration (E-Learning)

Leading through failure (E-Learning)

Leading through change (E-Learning)

Dos and don'ts: Leading through change (Booklet)

Building relationships as a leader (E-Learning)

Leading with integrity (E-Learning)



The wellness myth (E-Learning)

Weathering the storms (E-Learning)

A healthy routine (E-Learning)

Reflecting on work and life (Animation)

Burnout (Booklet)

Work-life balance (Infographic)

Building better habits (E-Learning)

Life hacks (Booklet)

The wellbeing mindset (E-Learning)

Mind Template - Wellbeing Action Plan (Booklet)

Benefits of a Wellbeing Champion PDF (Booklet)

Wellbeing action plan (Booklet)


Communication personality quiz (E-Learning)

Why communication matters (Animation)

Communication styles (Booklet)

Communication hacks (Infographic)

Listening with empathy (E-Learning)

Communicating with purpose (Infographic)

Overcoming barriers to communication (E-Learning)

Emotional intelligence 101 (Slide Deck)

Building rapport (E-Learning)

Communication basics (E-Learning)

Food Safety

Why food safety matters (E-Learning)

What food contamination looks like (Booklet)

Personal hygiene when handling food (Infographic)

Catering for allergies (E-Learning)

Responding to an allergic reaction (Infographic)

Keeping food areas hygienic (E-Learning)

A safe food journey (Booklet)

Safe food temperatures (Infographic)

The four Cs of food safety (Animation)

Natasha's Law (Animation)

Natasha's Law Key Links (Infographic)

The 14 named allergens for PPDS labelling (Infographic)



Trial closing (E-Learning)

Building product value (E-Learning)

Handling sales objections (E-Learning)

Know your sales questions (E-Learning)

Building rapport in sales (E-Learning)

Power of listening in sales (E-Learning)

A needs driven approach to sales (E-Learning)

Behavioural styles in sales (E-Learning)

Localisation for sales (Animation)

Driving Safely

Mobile Phone Use (E-Learning)

Distracted Driving (Infographic)

Watch your speed (Animation)

What to do after an accident (Infographic)

Speeding - The consequences (E-Learning)

Avoiding driver fatigue (E-Learning)

Preventing dog bites (Infographic)

Drink Driving Quiz (E-Learning)


Get More Series

Get more time (Infographic)

Get more sleep (Booklet)

Get more respect (Booklet)

Get more active (Animation)

Get more done (Booklet)

Get more power (Animation)

Get more control (Booklet)

Get more budget (Infographic)

Get more balance (Infographic)

Get more value (Infographic)

Get more help (Infographic)

Get more team spirit (Booklet)

Get more small talk (Booklet)

Get more mojo (Animation)

Get more perspective (Infographic)

Get more confidence (Booklet)

Get more from social selling (Booklet)

Get more creative (Infographic)

Get more from now (Podcast)

Get more courageous (Animation)

Get more engagement on Instagram (Animation)

Get more assertive (E-Learning)


All About Data

What is data? (Animation)

Clean data (Infographic)

How to present data (Infographic)

Domain knowledge (Infographic)

Ethical data (Podcast)

Problem solving with data analysis (E-Learning)


Creating Content

An intro to UGC (Animation)

What is UGC? (E-Learning)

Selfie videos - Planning (Animation)

Selfie videos - Orientation (Animation)

Selfie videos - Delivery (Animation)

Selfie videos - Environment (Animation)

Selfie videos - Lighting (Animation)

Selfie videos - You (Animation)

Selfie videos - Editing (Animation)

Selfie videos - Posting (Animation)

Finding and creating content (E-Learning)


Coaching & Learning From Peers

What is peer coaching? (Animation)

Peer coaching workbook (Booklet)

Creating a positive coaching environment (Animation)

Thinking about setting up a coaching programme? (Booklet)

What is mentorship? (Booklet)



Lift the lull (Infographic)

Find your focus (E-Learning)

Good food (Animation)

Write it out (Booklet)

Morning motivation (Animation)


Successful Onboarding

Roles within a successful induction (Infographic)

Tips for new hires (Infographic)

First impressions (Booklet)

Successful onboarding (E-Learning)

Benefits of successful onboarding (Infographic)

Effective inductions (E-Learning)



Practical tips for protecting biodiversity (Infographic)

Biodiversity awareness for employees (Infographic)

Biodiversity and business (Booklet)

What is biodiversity? (E-Learning)

How green are you? (E-Learning)


Cultural Awareness

What is culture? (Animation)

Understanding other cultures (E-Learning)

Cultural Communication (Booklet)

Understanding your own culture (Booklet)

Overcoming cultural bias (Booklet)


Employee Engagement

How good managers engage their employees (Booklet)

Employee engagement in teams (Animation)

What is employee engagement? (Booklet)

How to tell if your employees are engaged (Infographic)

Drivers and barriers of employee engagement (Booklet)

Temperature checking your team (Booklet)



The 5 Rs of safeguarding (Infographic)

Types of abuse (Booklet)

Indicators of abuse (Infographic)

How to report a safeguarding concern (Infographic)

Safeguarding dos and don'ts (Infographic)

Introduction to safeguarding (Animation)

Spotting the signs of abuse, harm or neglect (E-Learning)

Modern slavery (E-Learning)


Driving at Work

Highway Code Amendments 2021 - Smart Motorways (Animation)

Highway Code New Rules 2021 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.2 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.3 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.4 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.5 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.6 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.7 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.8 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.9 (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.10 (Animation)

Vehicle checks - Cars and vans (Infographic)

Vehicle checks - HGVs (Infographic)

Vehicle checks - Motorcycles (Infographic)

Vehicle checks - Pushbikes (Infographic)

Tailgating (Animation)

Driver fitness (Booklet)

Smart motorwarys (Animation)

Golden rule of driving no.1 (Animation)


Creating a Work Life You Love

Reasons to do more of what you love (Booklet)

Get more of what you want in your current role (Booklet)

Project Management

Demystifying Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma (E-Learning)

SOW template (Slide Deck)

Design brief template (Slide Deck)

Stakeholder template (Slide Deck)

Documentation (Booklet)

Project Status Report Checklist (Booklet)

The Stakeholder Circus (Animation)


Looking after yourself

What is a plant based diet? (Animation)


Becoming a Parent

What to expect from pregnancy: Second trimester (Booklet)

Raising your child as a team (Animation)

What support is available during pregnancy and birth? (Booklet)

What to pack in your hospital bag (Booklet)

Raising your child as a team: family & friends (Animation)

Going through postnatal depression (Animation)

What to expect from pregnancy: First trimester (Booklet)

What to expect from pregnancy: third trimester (Booklet)

The reality of looking after a baby (Animation)

Raising your child as a team: childcare and support groups (Animation)


Dying matters

Supporting bereavement as a friend or relative (Booklet)

Your dying wishes (Booklet)

Planning a funeral (Booklet)

Supporting bereavement as a manager (Booklet)


Understanding Learning

Learning in the flow of work (Booklet)

Cognitive overload (Booklet)

Creating the right learning mindset (Animation)

Designing learning (Booklet)

Key questions to ask when designing learning (Booklet)


New Line Manager Essentials

Ten tips for building a successful team (Booklet)

How to have great career conversations with your team (Booklet)

Leadership styles quiz (E-Learning)

Leadership styles (Booklet)


Cyber Security

Cyber Security Jargon Buster (Booklet)


Female empowerment

What advice would you give your younger self? (Animation)

How can you support the women you work with? (Animation)

Be more Silvia (Poster)

Be more Simone (Poster)

Be more Mary (Poster)

Be more Amelia (Poster)

Be more Sally (Poster)

Be more Dolly (Poster)

Be more Ava (Poster)

Be more Malala (Poster)

Be more Kamala (Poster)

Be more Ruth (Poster)

Take action (Twitter asset) (Infographic)

Take action (Twitter asset) (Infographic)

Take action (Linkedin asset) (Infographic)

Take action (Linkedin asset) (Infographic)

Take action (Instagram asset) (Infographic)

Take action (Instagram asset) (Infographic)

Talk about periods (Booklet)



What does allyship mean to you? (Animation)

Responding to microagressions at work (E-Learning)

Taking responsibility for microagressions (E-Learning)


Drugs and alcohol

Spotting the signs of drug or alcohol misuse (Booklet)


Finance Essentials

Reading a profit and loss (P&L) statement (Booklet)

Financial forecasting (Booklet)

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